Let´s Talk About Bookseries!

We all love to fall into the fictional worlds, that’s something we can all agree on, right?

But when you find that perfect read then you want even more, right? The more books the better! But if I´m honest about it, how good are we really at finishing all the series that we’re start? I for one belong to those who is really good at starting series but not finishing them. I finish them so rarely that when I actually finished the Vampire Academy series during this year, well then I felt happy. Sure it’s a good book but I was probably most happy and satisfied that I actully completed a series.

I think it’s all about me not being able to read book after book after book in a series, but rather wanting to read something else in between. This means that I do not buy the next part right away or simply put the book on my shelf and then it stands there for an eternity before I pick it up again. And when I do that I usually forget what happened it the first book so it´s hard just picking the next book up since I don´t remember more than the over all theme of the book, like magic or a roadtrip.

I came up with this topic when a friend started talking about the Eragon series, a series I read both the first and second book of but never bought the third part. So many years later, my best memory of these books is what I remember from the movie adaptation. There are dragons, there is a boy who finds a dragon egg. Yes, it does sound exciting right? But this is how it is. I would really like to read through this series and end it but the books are massive and the audiobooks are crazy long. But I live in the hope that I will someday finish it probably around the year 2044 or so.
So now I´m wondering how do you feel about this? Do you read series or do they stand for an eternity untouched in your shelf just waiting to be read? And another question I wonder about is how long can a book series be before you give it up completely? I gave up on one series because suddenly it had around 15 books and the quality just went downhill after book number 4. Have you ever experienced this?

So with that said, I look forward to hearing what you think. Now I will log off and continue reading Scythe, another series I started because I just work like that.
Have a great time reading and I´ll talk with you again soon.

8 thoughts on “Let´s Talk About Bookseries!

  1. I also cannot read most series back to back, and I like to read other books in between. Usually I read multiple books at the same time, and that makes it slightly better. But I have many series that I started but sort of forgot to finish. I am way better in starting series than completing them.

    I have some series which are running into part 9 at least now and I sort of hope the author has a plan to bring them to an end, because while they are still nice, the specialness is sort of gone at this point…

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      1. I was thinking of The Chronicles of St Mary’s, which is a fun time travel series about an institute that investigates major historical events in contemporary time (aka time travel). It really is much fun, but there is this one plot that is drawn out over the entire series and I sometimes hope that that would be finished because I feel it is eating up the rest of the plots. I was rambling there for a bit, but I hope you get the gist of it ;).

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      2. Never heard of it but it do sounds like it is a good series. I’m a bit curious about it now I’ll have to admit. Maybe I’ll have a look online to see if I can find it 🙈

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  2. A really good post!🌻
    I think I’m pretty good at continuing series and not letting it take too long between the books. It might take me a year sometimes but I feel that’s okay for me. I think it’s more about reading it at the right time than to force yourself to read the whole series right away.

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    1. Thank you I´m glad that you liked it! 😀
      Yes I totally agree with you that you need to read the books in the right time. And thats why it takes me an eternity before I finish one 😀


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